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We look at diverse sources for inspiration; be Literature, Art, Music or the

Micro-moments of everyday life. Observation, Perception and its seamless transition to functional objects is a process we look up to. In a market driven

by “Trends” we are trying to create a fresh outlook to decipher and

deconstruct design.


Our aim is to promote a process driven design exercise that has a deeper meaning. Ours is a perpetual study in challenging how we perceive functional objects of everyday use and making the mundane, extraordinary.

The very nature of Design implies a multidisciplinary perspective where different points of view intersect and collaborate with each other. As the iconic 20th century American designer Richard Buckminster Fuller said, “A Designer is an emerging synthesis of Artist, Inventor, Mechanic, Objective economist and evolutionary strategist."


As a design studio we believe in collaborations, whether it is with other architects or designers or even artisans and craftsmen. We are consciously promoting local crafts and workmanship in an attempt to show Indian craft in a whole new modern affordable light.

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